I must have temporarily lost the plot, because I appear to have signed up for a marathon…

So, I haven’t actually done any running since signing up for the deathrace Marathon this week.

Tonight, Friday night, I’m going to the gym.
Treadmill here I come! The goal is to run as far as possible at a steady pace to see where I’m really startin’ from (I can probably guess though. It’s somewhere around the Bottom mark).

In terms of training, I am going to try and stick to the 6 month schedule, which, my by calculations, will begin the first week in April.
My goal will therefore be to get my stamina up this month to ‘Beginner Level’ which is apparently running 3-4 miles comfortably.

I’ll be doing spinning class next week and getting my ass back to the gym at least 3 times a week like I used to.


Crikey, I feel knackered already just talking about it. I think I’d better have a sit down and a brew…


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