I must have temporarily lost the plot, because I appear to have signed up for a marathon…

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Always time for cake

Distance covered (including warm up and cool down) : 3km (1.8 miles)
Time taken: 24 minutes
Average speed: 7.2 km an hour (4.4 mph)
Calories burned: 191

So today I went to the gym, finally.
After a mega busy week of house hunting and general faffing around, I finally got around to getting off my arse.

Unfortunately it didn’t go quite to plan. With only 3km under my belt, I had to quit. Perhaps it was the 6 Southern Comforts the night before, or the headache I seem to have had all week, but either way I have got a long way to go, if I want to do this marathon.

On the bright side, I have kept up with my ‘Lent’ contributions, and I have not been drinking alcohol in the week, and I’ve properly cut down on my sweeties (apart from my baking attempt for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day, but that was for charity!) I have also switched my big carby meals, to carby lunches instead, avoiding eating mounds of food late at night, and making sure I get my energy before my run. I suppose you’ve gotta take baby steps eh?

Cupcakes for Comic Relief. Who says they should be round?


Lent eh?

So Lent began yesterday – a time of self sacrifice for God over appoximately 40 days, traditionally 5 Sundays I believe.
And I’m gonna be completely up front and say that I am, in fact, an Atheist.
(So I may very well be inccurate in that last sentence, even though I went to a convent school. But that’s another story altogether…)

Now before you shun me for having no soul and no faith, I do believe in self-sacrifice for something worthwhile.
And since everyone else is doing it, I guess it’s a good opportunity to be a sheep try and make the effort and hopefully not be alone in this ‘giving something up’ scenario.

A big challenge for me with this run will be a change of diet. I’m aware that I will not have to starve myself, in fact, far from it.
However, I’m a big snacker and won’t often say no to a full pack of Choccy Hobnobs (or any chocolate biccy for that matter).

And I do love my Wine. And I love love love my Southern Comfort.

So for this month at the very least, whilst I’m trying to get my stamina up (before starting the 6 month training schedule at the beginning of April) I’m going to try and give up booze and biscuits. Or at the very least cut down.

How hard can it be?

Me? Drink alcohol? NO WAY DUDE!