I must have temporarily lost the plot, because I appear to have signed up for a marathon…

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Hello. I am Karen.
You may or may not have worked it out yet, but I appear to have temporarily lost my mind, as I signed up for a marathon today.

I’m going to use this blog as a way to track my progress, look for tips relating to training, generally whinge about how hard running is (I hate to put a downer on things, but I’m just warning you in advance) and hopefully raise some money for a charity (as of yet undecided) along the way.

Here’s a little bit about me to get us introduced properly.

1. I have never run a marathon before.
2. I am a chocaholic.
3. I was a very good runner in school (nearly a decade ago now) and would like to get back in shape.
4. I have red hair, very pale skin and an intolerance to heat, so always look like I have a beetroot for a head when I exercise.
5. I have always said I would like to run a marathon before I’m 25. I will be 25 in October this year: 2011.

With that in mind, the Liverpool marathon was announced last month, taking place on October 9th (a few weeks before I turn 25!)

Being from Manchester, I thought, hey, why not? It’s close after all. And I’ve heard the London Marathon is an absolute pain to get into.
So, foolishly, I’m all signed up! With 6 months to go until the race, I’ve got a long way to go. Wish me luck!

This is me. Demonstrating my athletic capabilities. Stuck in a tree.