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The gym shower dilemma

It is no secret that I haven’t been at the gym as much as I’d like lately, and I certainly have been pretty terrible at keeping up with this blog.
However, I am hoping that this will turn around in the near future.

Although I have been going to the gym – albeit not as much as I really should – I have aslo been tying up all the loose ends with regards to me and the fella buying our first house. *Insert girly sqeual here*
Now all we can do is wait for the solicitors to get their finger out, and give us a move-in date. Huzzah! Resulting in less time faffing around with paperwork and more time at the gym (in theory…).

When the move is finally arranged, we will be moving into a house that is…how do I put this, falling down in need of modernisation.

The truth is, there is currently a bathtub, from 1948. A little bit manky but hopefully livable after a few scrubs…..but there is no shower. Most people would not have a problem with this. However, referring back to one of my previous posts, I am allergic to hot water, meaning I cannot have baths (too hot), only showers (luke warm. That’s right, just call me Goldilocks) – And if you are thinking to yourself, “Just have a cold-ish bath you wimp”, I dare you to try it. It ain’t bloody easy!

So, since I am paying for a gym membership I can’t get out of (and don’t want to either really), I’m thinking I will need to go to the gym to shower until we can afford to remodel and redecorate the bathroom (which, in fairness, is low down on the list behind buying central heating and a kitchen…Yeah, “modernising” is gonna be fun)  I’m hoping this will really push me to really get my exercise minutes clocked up.

Only one further dilemma here, there are lots of naked old chicks there. If you’ve seen the Michael McIntyre sketch about public changing rooms, you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’ll keep you all posted….